• F/F Friday announcement

    F/F isn’t just for February | F/F Friday

    5th March 2021 Imi

    Some may have noticed that F/F February didn’t entirely follow the plan set out, but it did inspire a new idea going forward. While we love people joining in with our readathon, sapphic books don’t need to be reserved for just one month of the year. As we have an abundance of content lined up that didn’t make it into the F/F Feb schedule, we’re starting… F/F Friday!

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  • Auriane Desombre I think I love you sapphic interview

    Auriane Desombre talks hate-to-love in sapphic debut, I Think I Love You | F/F February 2021

    26th February 2021 Ellie

    Today on Beyond A Bookshelf we have the 2021 debut author Auriane Desombre! Her debut novel I Think I Love You releases in just a few days and is contemporary YA about two girls who must work together to create a film as a film festival entry, but have vastly different ideas on how to approach it. Read on to find out more about Auriane, her the literary influences that went into her novel, the writing process and the sapphic…

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  • Pansexuality representation kirstyreadsblog

    Lack of pansexual representation in media | F/F February 2021

    11th February 2021 Imi

    Today we welcome a good friend of ours, Kirsty from Kirsty Reads to the blog to discuss pansexuality, her identity and the representation (and the lack thereof) of pan people in media, including TV, film and, of course, books. This post is very personal and we cannot thank Kirsty enough for coming to us and allowing us to publish this post on our blog. We hope to open up a discussion about pansexuality and perhaps recommendations in the comments!

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  • Aliette de Bodard interview Moon Kestrel

    Aliette de Bodard on In the Vanishers’ Palace & Fireheart Tiger | F/F February 2021

    9th February 2021 Imi

    Fireheart Tiger, award-winning SFF author Aliette de Bodard’s sapphic fantasy novella releases today worldwide. It’s a powerful romantic fantasy that reads like The Goblin Emperor meets Howl’s Moving Castle in a pre-colonial Vietnamese-esque world. Moon from The Constellation of Moon, a good friend of ours is a long-time lover of Aliette’s work and also a friend of hers and so today’s F/F February contribution is their interview. Thank you both for taking part!

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  • second chances chace verity beyond a bookshelf

    4 sapphic second chance romances | F/F February 2021

    8th February 2021 Imi

    Tomorrow Second Chances, a sapphic romance anthology, edited by Chace Verity releases. We invited Chace and their fellow authors to talk to us about why the second chance romance trope spoke to them, and give us some examples of ‘if you like this book, you should pick up Second Chances’!

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  • Wibke Brueggemann interview Love is for Losers

    Wibke Brueggeman talks writing an F/F relationship | F/F February 2021

    7th February 2021 Ellie

    Today on beyond a bookshelf we have UKYA debut author Wibke Brueggemann! Wibke discusses why she chose to write a younger YA heroine, the enjoyment of writing a F/F romance, and things she’d like readers to take away from Love is for Losers.

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  • Helen Corcoran interview Queen of Coin and Whispers

    Helen Corcoran talks queer identities and relationships in Queen of Coin and Whispers | F/F February 2021

    5th February 2021 Ellie

    Today on Beyond A Bookshelf we have the Irish author Helen Corcoran! Her 2020 debut novel Queen of Coin and Whispers follows two women – a newly-crowned queen and her spymaster – who must work together to survive the turmoils of a bankrupt kingdom. It’s a YA high fantasy perfect for fans of Samantha Shannon’s The Priory of the Orange Tree. Read on to find out more about Helen, the publication journey of Queen of Coin and Whispers, and the…

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  • smutty sapphic reads by amyjanealice f/f february

    6 smutty sapphic reads to enjoy this month | F/F February 2021

    4th February 2021 Imi

    Today we are bringing in blogger, bookstagrammer and co-creator of Imi’s project Talk Smutty to Me, Amy of amyjanealice! Amy is well-known for being a lover of a steamy romance and she and Imi spend a great deal of time discussing what’s making them blush this week, so it only seemed fitting for her to write a recommendation list… if smutty sapphics are what you’re looking for, this post is for you!

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  • seranading sapphics - sapphic songs and books

    Matching sapphic songs with books | F/F February 2021

    2nd February 2021 Imi

    Today we welcome our close pals Lauren & Bec of Northern Plunder to the blog and they have a fun post planned where they pair sapphic songs with books! Bec and Lauren have been super supportive throughout the entirety of the F/F Feb planning process from supporting Imi generally to helping with the masterlist and now writing their own guest post… Read on and enjoy!

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  • Sapphic film and tv - beyond a bookshelf

    Top tier sapphic film and TV you must watch | F/F February 2021

    1st February 2021 Ellie

    Happy 1st February and so welcome to the readathon! This year, we are planning to bring you more sapphic content than ever across the month, including a variety of guest posts and interviews with fellow bloggers and authors! We’re kicking off the month with our resident film and TV expert, Ellie, chatting about her recs for things to watch alongside your reads.

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